Jung Kuo

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Double Terrace Intermediate House for Sale RM 410,000.00

House for Sale

                                                                  Five minute walk to Penview Hotel
                                                            Aerial View off Jalan Tun Razak

House Details :

1.  Area : Pending  N. 10
2. Street : off Jalan Pending
3. Location : Pending Height
4. Clinic ;  Tanah Putih
5. Hotel : Penview Hotel
6. Neighbour : KRT Pending
7. Commercial : Pending Commercial Centre,
8: Kapitan  : Kapitan Fang Tze Fah
9: Coummunity Association :   Tanah Putih Community Assoication
10. JKKK :   JKKK Kawasan Pending Height
11.  Land lease : 60 years
12. Asking price : RM 410,000.00
13 Contact : 013-818-6655

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wire Cut EDM Machine DK7735 High speed version (upgraded) in Sarawak, Malaysia

Dear Customer,

Mold  and  Dies Making machining

Equipment Details:

The purpose of the machine is to cut the shape we want.
The material used for cutting can be plastic or wood or Iron.

1) Table Size : 350  mm x 450 mm
2)  Power Supply : 220 VAC  Single Phase.
3)  Using HL Software Controller
4)  Cutting Speed : 6000 mm sq. to 10,000 mm sq. per hour.
5)  Delivery : One (1) Stock  Available
6) Viewing :  Need  Demo. Make appointment
7)  Asking : RM 28,000.00 ( Negotiable )
8)  Contact : 0168660670, 0198579292, 0189831028

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Outlets Available for Wholesaler at Jalan Bako, Kuching, Sarawak

Dear Wholesale Suppliers,

Today is 12th of February 2017. (updated)

We invite all wholesalers in Kuching to operate a store here - The Wholesale Town of Sarawak. The design is shop house  industrial lot.  The project offers more than 400 lots. The first 200 lots will be available for rental soon. Expected completion date is April 2017.

The master plan is to create  a one-stop service centre for all type of Wholesale Goods.
 Like Building Materials, Food Production, Farmer Produce etc. This is Phase One. In short, if you want to do renovation, firstly, come visit this place and see what you can do.

Phase Two : Food Streets

To develop the place into a food heaven like Food Streets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, etc. These countries  have done well using this concept.  Food is the primary attractions.   Topspot in Kuching has done well.

Phase Three :  Create a Night market

To follow the model like Sinawan Night Market at Sinawan, Bau. This could create a good jobs for local.

Phase  Four : Fish Market

Bako Fish Market give the fisherman a chance to gather and sell their catch here.

Phase  five : Bus Station

Transportation Hub is an important tool to bring up the areas.
                                                  Biaramas Bus at Kuching Central

Phase Six : Events

Work with Events Manager to bring events to this area. Events like Charity Run, Car Shows,

In conclusion, in order to attract people come to this place .  We need all people of Sarawak to come and bring up the place. The Sarawak Government should assist the project because it create jobs.

For those interested to operate an outlet can contact 013-818-6655 for a friendly discussion.

Note : The comments presented here is only opinion of the writer. Can only used as a reference if you find it useful.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sarawak first Wholesaler Town at Sejinkat, Jalan Bako

Dear Investors,

Good News, The project is at the final phase of completion now. Soon, Occupation Permit will be released and business commence.

We must congratulation the developer Jung Kuo to carry this huge project. The biggest in Sarawak for Wholesale Business. Certainly, this will create a lot of economic and people got jobs.

We are also welcome Oversea Chinese around the world to come and do business here.  This is a good platform for doing US in Australia, New Zealand, UK, China, Japan.

Potential Market can be here.

Fish Dealer want a wholesale Market

Introducing Ecopile

What is Ecopile?

ECOPILE ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. (1043401W) was a private company
formed in April 2013, Engineering and Geotechnical engineering to manufacture an
innovative concrete pile for the Malaysian construction industry with trademark
name ‘ECOPILE’ Which incorporates a proprietary technology ( MAL PAT. UI 2011000884). The vision of the company is to provide an environmental-friendly
concrete pile in view to effectively replace the depleting and unsustainable Bakau
Ecopile Engineering Sdn. Bhd., strives to stand up from the crowd as a company continually coming up with new ideas and follow-up with R&D to provide innovative, cost effective and quality product for the construction industry not only in Malaysia but beyond.
Ecopile Engineering Sdn. Bhd. aims to be a company providing innovative, and cost effective concrete pile with high structural integrity that are back up by construction site quality testing and are supported by SIRIM test report. The company strives to provide quality products, timely delivery and meeting our customers’ expectation through systematic training programs.
Although our company has been in existence for just six months, we are firmly committed to establishing a quality system, which meet the international quality system standard ISO9001:2008 and affirm this commitment by striving to continue improving ourselves and our workforce.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sarawak First Wholesale Town open for renting

Dear. Investors,

Inviting all wholesalers in Kuching to work together to come to this area.  With the support of the wholesalers, it will become a tourism attraction. It create jobs for the local and improve the economic of the state.

The wholesale town is Ready For Rent .  We are inviting all wholesalers Around
the world to open their store here.  We are very Much interested to see The china group Could  create their outlets. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shoplot for Rent at Demak Luat Industries Park- The Wholesale Town

Dear Investors,

Why invest in this property?

Three factors need to be consider for investing in this project.

Firstly, this is a huge project. It has 420 units when completed.

Secondly, It is developed a experience developer. In term Looking, project delivery and sale performance. It is 80% sold after only 5 months sales for first phase. This is a  project for those investors interested in Property.

Thirdly, there is a huge response for the initial sale period.

We are able to provide sale and support services for the project.

If your any assistance please let us know.

Contact : Mr. Theng  013-8186655.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The First Sarawak Wholesale Town in Kuching

The Sarawak Government has approved this project because it going to create jobs and improve the economy of the state. With more than 400 units of shoplots available for sale or Renting.

Each shoplot employ three employees then we create  more than 1200 jobs.